Tschoepe, with his sibling, owned Assurance Plumbing

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Leslie W. Tschoepe Jr., who together with his bro Ed operated Guarantee Plumbing for more than four decades, died Dec. 9 at 91. A San Antonio native, Tschoepe matured near Monte Vista, learning the business with his dad, who began Guarantee in 1926. After graduating from Central Catholic High School, Tschoepe participated in St. Mary s University, where he earned a bachelor`s degree in business in 1944.
After a quick time in the military, Tschoepe returned to San Antonio and wed in 1947, beginning a life of work, children and love. Find more info on best e cigarettes


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Woman accuseded of kidnapping baby from shopping center had actually set up present windows registries

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A woman accused of taking a 7-week-old boy from his mother at a shopping mall outside Philadelphia Thursday had set up a number of child gift registries in her name and showed off the baby to family members before private investigators stated they caught her.

Cherie Amoore, 32, deals with charges including kidnapping and kid concealment.

Authorities stated Amoore struck up a conversation with the infant's mother at the King of Prussia Mall. When the baby became fussy, she asked if she might hold him while the mom took a telephone call and tended to another child. After the mom agreed, Amoore walked off with the child, authorities stated.



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MGM Grand in spotlight of Season 13 endings of Top Chef.

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Star chefs and stars from the MGM Resorts International family will be featured in the last 2 episodes of Season 13 of Bravo`s Top Chef airing tonight and next Thursday, March 17, from MGM Grand.

The episodes include:.

MGM Grand`s Skylofts, where the cast was hosted and treated to a range of VIP experiences. A Quickfire Challenge in MGM Grand Garden Arena, a venue that s hosted countless showdowns.

Elimination difficulties onstage in David Copperfield Theater and Top Chef Host Tom Colchis’s dining establishment Craftsteak.


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